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Terms & Conditions

All the betting information that provides you is administered in good faith. Therefore, please read it carefully. The following are our Terms & Conditions. If you don’t accept our terms & conditions, then we request you not use any of our services.

Applicability of Our Terms & Conditions

  • Our customer is deemed to read, understand and accept the terms & conditions by clicking on the ‘Agree’ button and proceeding to the website to place the bets. We bind our customers by the terms & conditions that are incorporated.
  • Our company reserves the right to update, amend and modify any rules and regulations as we see fit from time to time. However, we will try our best to make sure that the changes to these terms & conditions are notified to our customer.
  • You acknowledge & agree that you are responsible for checking the updates, amendments, and modifications.
  • All the terms & conditions are written in English. If these are translated into any other language, then the English version will prevail over the translation into other languages.

Account and Personal Information

  • Our customers can only deposit money through the pre-approved methods available on the website. Therefore, customers must deposit and receive money through the same payment methods.
  • In order to access the betting services of the company, the customer has to register and open an account on our website and then become a registered customer.
  • The customer agrees to give our company all relevant personal information upon registration. It is the responsibility of our customers to keep this information updated.
  • Our customer also agrees to provide the documentation to verify the personal information that is provided by our company.

Customer Representation

  • When accepting the terms & conditions, it is necessary for the customer to be of legal age as determined by the laws applicable to the home jurisdiction of the customer.
  • If the customer wishes to place the bet with our company, he should have knowledge about the specific laws of his country, residence, or the place where he is betting from.
  • Our customer also accepts that it is his sole responsibility to be compliant with local and national laws before making bets with our company.
  • The customer also agrees that he/she is using our website at their sole risk and understands that they may lose money by placing the bets and are responsible for such a loss.

Using Our Website

  • Without looking for any alternative remedies, our company may restrict the customer from using our website. We also have the right to suspend or terminate the account, void the bets or withhold the funds if we suspect that the customer dealings are wrongdoings.
  • We also have the right to void all or any of the bets or withhold the payments if the individual or the group of individuals acts as a syndicate to defraud the company.
  • Our company can also void the bets and forfeit the amount in the accounts of the customer if the customer is involved in money laundering activities.

General Rules

  • Our company grants a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to the customer to use its software for playing online casino games.
  • We don’t permit our customers to load or install the software into other network devices.
  • The software is not owned by the customer and is the exclusive property of our software provider. This software and accompanying documents are licensed to our company.
  • Our customers hereby acknowledge that it is not in the control of the company how the software will be used. Therefore, the customer has to load and use the software at his own risk.
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