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What are the Legal Terms in Malaysia When it Comes to Online Gambling?

When talk about privacy policy of site, since Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, the laws made about gambling, there were according to Shariah. These laws govern whether Malaysians are allowed to gamble in any way or form or not.

According to the Betting Act of 1953, gambling of any type is illegal in Malaysia. However, people have found a loophole since this betting law doesn’t talk about online gambling specifically.

Moreover, with VPNs and Proxies in place, it has become difficult to regulate the activities going using the internet. The residents of Malaysia love online gambling and have found various of gambling online.

These legal terms to bet online include:
  • Your age should be 18+ to gamble.
  • The betting site you choose should be registered with legitimate authority.
  • You must use your money wisely to not fall into debt.

General Statement (Terms & Condition)

  • com doesn’t support, in any way, the misuse of information present on the website for illegal activities.
  • Information on our website is strictly for entertainment and news purposes. We don’t provide any legal advice.
  • Trademarks present in the content our website displays belong to their owners.
  • The information present on our website is subject to changes in the future without providing any notice to the readers.
  • com is an independently operating online casino reviewer that offers factual based content to the readers.
  • com is not subject to legal responsibility if the content contains any errors.
  • Our users are responsible for making wise and legal decisions in terms of choosing an online gambling casino and betting on it.
  • doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the information in the casino reviews.

Use of Personal Data & Data Protection

Laura Allen processes user information and visitors’ data when they visit the website. We take appropriate actions to keep your data secure while implementing data protection laws.

What Kind of Data Do We Process?

A user’s:
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  • Any other information that we require or you choose to share with us.

Reason Behind Processing User’s Data?

We process certain user data to:
  • Managing and creating your account with our website.
  • Direct communication via live chat or support center where we respond to your queries.
  • Assessing the information present in our databases to provide quality content and grow our website according to user’s needs and requirements.

Cookies Information

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your device. These cookies contain all the necessary information about your visit to our website. Any website can use cookies for multiple reasons. Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:
  • Enhancing the navigation between website pages.
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Using cookies and other methods of web analysis allows us to store, track, and analyze specific information related to every user’s visit to the website and their activity using our services.

When a user uses our website, they agree to use cookies to appropriately use the website. However, you can view our website without cookies. But if you do use the website without cookies, our website may not work properly. You may face the pages loading slowly.

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