"Mona Lisa Smile" Poster
This is the official poster for the film.

NYC premier of "Mona Lisa Smile"

Photos courtesy of Ron Galella, Theo Wargo and Jim Spellman

Check out page 146 of the January 2004 issue of "Glamour" magazine.
There is a wonderful article and photo of Laura and her co-stars
Ginnifer Goodwin, Julia Roberts and Julia Stiles. It's a must see
for all Laura Allen fans.

Publicity stills from the film

Cast (in credits order)

Julia Roberts .... Katherine Watson
Kirsten Dunst .... Betty Warren
Julia Stiles .... Joan Brandwyn
Maggie Gyllenhaal .... Giselle Levy
Ginnifer Goodwin .... Constance Baker
Dominic West .... Bill Dunbar
Juliet Stevenson .... Amanda Armstrong
John Slattery (I) .... Paul Moore
Marcia Gay Harden .... Nancy Abbey
Topher Grace .... Tommy Donegal
Laura Allen (II) .... Susan Delacorte
Marian Seldes .... President Jocelyn Carr
Terence Rigby .... Dr. Edward Staunton
Donna Mitchell .... Mrs. Warren
Jordan Bridges .... Spencer Jones
Ebon Moss-Bachrach .... Charlie Stewart
Tori Amos .... Wedding Singer
Taylor Roberts .... Louise
Daisy Baldwin .... Art History Student
Janine Barris .... Art History Student
Emily Bauer .... Art History Student
Kirstie Bingham .... Art History Student
Jennifer Bowen (II) .... Art History Student
Kristin Nora Connolly .... Art History Student
Annika Marks .... Art History Student
Lily Rabe .... Art History Student
Krysten Ritter .... Art History Student
Jennie Eisenhower .... Girl At Station
Megan Marie Ford .... Art History Student

The rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Lauren Adler .... Art History Student
Corey W. Allen .... Giselle's Wedding Date
Jennifer H. Anderson .... Slide Projectionist
Paul Vincent Black .... Joseph O'Neill
Marcus Allen Cooper .... Harvard Student
Deborah Day Dowlin .... Art Student
Liesl Ehardt .... John Brandwyn's Friend
Aprill Fasino .... Art History Student/Dancer
Michael Fewx .... Valet
Kristen Marie Holly .... Christmas Student #3
Kara Klein .... Art History Student
Canedy Knowles .... Christmas Student #2
Elisa Oliver McDaniel .... Art Student
Melanie Angelique Moyer .... Christmas Student #1
Ed Peed .... Taxi Driver
Katherine P. Reilly .... Art History Student
Jackie Sanders .... Band Leader
John Scurti .... Stan Sher (as John M. Scurti)
Julie Wagner .... Bartender
Eric Bruno Borgman .... College Janitor (uncredited)
Whitney Cohen .... Almost-Hit Bike Rider (uncredited)
Mary Pascoe .... Photographer (uncredited)
Meverette Smith .... Student (uncredited)
Gunna Wilson .... Spencer's Girlfriend (uncredited)

Directed by Mike Newell

Laura Allen plays one of the 5 students (Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst,
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Ginnifer Goodwyn are the other four) who become very
close to Julia Roberts' character over the school year. "Susan is one of
Betty's (Kirsten Dunst) best friends. She's the 'second in command' in Betty's
clique, a woman rooted in the traditions of a 1950's pre-feminist Wellesley,
and helps out in the fight against Katherine" says Laura. "Through the art
history classes and Katherine's inspiration, she begins to see the world differently.
She becomes torn between her loyalty to Betty and her respect for Katherine."

Set in 1953, Katherine Watson (Roberts) is a free-spirited graduate of UC Berkeley.
She accepts a teaching post at the "female only" Wellesley College. The students are
torn between the repressive mores of the era and their longing for intellectual freedom.

Here are a few clips that I have of Laura, taken from the movie trailer:

Pics taken on the set:

A special thanks to aboutjulia.com for some of the movie stills.

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