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Category: Continuing Series
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"Dirt": Pilot
Produced By: ABC Television Studio in association with FX Networks
Entrant: ABC Television Studio, USA


January 2, 2007 Pilot Episode:

Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox), a ruthless Hollywood tabloid editor zeroes in on a
down-on-his-luck actor Holt McLaren (Josh Stewart), who will trade gossip for publicity.
And, a rising star confides in Holt's girlfriend, Julia Mallory (Laura Allen), that she's pregnant.

January 9, 2007, episode 2: "Blogan":

Lucy sends Don (Ian Hart) to photograph Kira Klay's (Shannyn Sossamon) body, but Kira
looks all too lively to him. Don gets a visit from Prince Tyrese (Rick Fox), and it's
not exactly a courtesy call. Neither is the visit Lucy gets from 'Dirt' and 'Now' owner
Gibson Horne (Timothy Bottoms). In the meantime, Holt looks for ways to help Julia,
and Willa (Alexandra Breckenridge) shows spunk in tracking down the dirt on a Hollywood
power couple known as “Blogan.”

January 16, 2007, episode 3: "Ovophagy":

The new magazine, "Dirt Now" is about to launch, and Lucy needs a cover story. One possibility is
an ill Christian-pop star. Lucy suspects that drugs made her sick and she sends Don (who's being
shadowed by the ghost of Kira Klay) to get the dirt. There's also a missing R&B star. One way to
him could be Prince Tyrese (Rick Fox). In the meantime, Holt is being courted by a major producer
while Julia is having a difficult time on the set of her sitcom. Lucy's brother Leo (Will McCormack),
a decorator, is hired by an action star (Grant Show).

January 23, 2007, episode 4: "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

A competitor is about to publish a story about a missing rapper named Aundre G, so Lucy presses
Prince Tyrese to find out Aundre's whereabouts. Lucy's mother (Mariette Hartley) announces that
she's remarrying on the 25th anniversary of Lucy's dad's suicide. In the meantime, Lucy finds out
about Leo and Jack Dawson, and assigns Willa to get the dirt on a diet-and-exercise guru's
stomach-stapling operation. Holt begins filming his new movie, and Julia seeks comfort in the arms
of Garbo, the sexy drug dealer to the stars, and Kira goes into labor (in Don's mind, at least).

January 30, 2007, episode 5: "You Don't Know Jack "

After bailing Don out of jail on a trespassing charge, Lucy publishes his photos of action star Jack
Dawson in the arms of her brother Leo. Brent (Jeffrey Nordling) is threatened by some menacing
visitors who want to find out who told Lucy about the murder of Aundre G. An out of work, and
totally out of control Julia interrupts Holt's photo shoot, and Lucy spikes Willa's story on a diet and
exercise guru's stomach stapling because it's too “dull.”

February 6, 2007, episode 6: "The Secret Lives of Altar Girls"

Lucy assigns her onetime mentor Chuck Lafoon (Paul Reubens) to help Willa probe into the murder
of a teenage girl in a small California town. Meanwhile, Holt and Lucy's growing attraction for each
other comes to a boil, while Julia sinks deeper into drugs, and into the arms of Garbo.

February 13, 2007, episode 7: "Come Together"

Lucy's relationship with Leo and her future with the "DirtNow" magazine are threatened by
Jack Dawson's lawsuit. Willa's excitement about her first cover story fades when her
"source" recants her story, and Don takes up with a waitress from a coffeehouse.

February 20, 2007, episode 8: "The Thing Under the Bed"

Lucy has a problem sleeping because of troubling questions from her past. Don and Willa
try to uncover a secret celebrity wedding. Julia is dealing with rehab while Holt is
taking care of his career.

February 27, 2007, episode 9: "This Is Not Your Father's Hostage Situation"

Vincent Gallo plays former child star Sammy Winter, who takes Lucy and the staff
hostage. While he tries to force them to produce an entire issue about him, Lucy tries to
figure out if he is a true threat or a harmless has-been looking to boost his career.

March 6, 2007, episode 10: "The Sexxx Issue"

Lucy decides it's time for the staff to have some fun and proposes a sex-themed issue,
to help everyone recover from the hostage crisis. In the meantime, Willa and Brent
find themselves in a compromising position with an underage girl whose father
wants to make her a star. Don faces his intimacy issues with Abby, and in order to
hide a bad deed, Holt does another bad deed.

March 13, 2007, episode 11: "Pap Smeared"

Lukas Haas guest stars as a young photographer named Marqui, who offers to help Don
as he competes on a story with some gangbangers-turned-paparazzi. Holt is afraid that
his relationship with Lucy might be exposed. Julia realizes she's on the outs with Hollywood.
Willa tries to separate business from pleasure while Brent resists.

March 20, 2007, episode 12: "Caught on Tape"

Julia is horrified to learn that a sex tape of her with Johnny Gage has turned upon the web,
but Lucy isn't so horrified. In the meantime, Don gets a mysterious assignment from a long-lost
friend. Since her most-trusted photographer is missing, Lucy has to rely on Willa to help her
save the magazine's image and her job.

March 27, 2007, episode 13: "Ita Missa Est"

In the season finale, the rumor is that Tina Harrod (Jennifer Aniston), Lucy's longtime rival
is up for her job. As Willa sets her sights on Lucy's job also, Lucy gets a shocking revelation
about her stalker. In the meantime, Don continues his mysterious mission, and Holt and Julia
reach a bitter climax.


The Cast of "Dirt"

Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller
Ian Hart as Don Konkey
Josh Stewart as Holt McLaren
Laura Allen as Julia Mallory
Jeffrey Nordling as Brent Barrow
Will McCormack as Leo Spiller
Alexandra Breckenridge as Willa McPherson

Dirt Crew:

Courteney Cox: Executive Producer
David Arquette: Executive Producer
Joel Fields: Executive Producer
Matthew Carnahan: Executive Producer
Paris Barclay: Director
Thea Mann: Producer

Dirt Guest Cast:

Adam Harrington: Scott
Adrianne Curry: Herself
Alex Weed: Addict
Andrew Lukich: ESPN Reporter
Angela Martinez: Reporter No. 3
Anil Raman: Fred
Ankur Bhatt: Kenny
Austin Highsmith: Duffy
Billy Brown: Tweety McDaniels
Bret Roberts: Cat
Bryce Mouer: Logan
Carly Pope: Garbo
Channon Roe: Jeff Stagliano
Christopher Knight: Himself
Cynthia Addai-Robinson: Michelle
Danielle Sapia: Danielle
David Batiste: Adam
Faruq Tauheed: Jerome
Glen Badyna: Elliott
Grant Show: Jack Dawson
Hal Havins: Frankie
Ivonne Coll: Maria
Janelle Giumarra: Varsha
Jennifer Aniston: Tina Harrod
Joe Krowka: Police Rep
Johann Urb: Johnny Gage
Julie Claire: Cheryl Steen
Kelvin Han Yee: Jordan
Kristin Minter: Dana
Kym Hoy: Keiko
Lukas Haas: Marqui
Lyn Mahler: Dr. Sandler
Marian Tomas Griffin: Irish
Mariette Hartley: Dorothy Spiller
Marty Ryan: Dr. Frye
Mini Anden: Chloe
Owiso Odera: Gareth DaSilva
Paris Barclay: Director
Paul Reubens: Chuck Lafoon
Randall Batinkoff: Jimmy
Randy Oglesby: Rev. Sweet
Richard T. Jones: `Bulldog' Derickson
Richmond Arquette: Collin DeQuisto
Rick Fox: Prince Tyrese
Scott Klace: DA Joss
Sean Moran: Harvey Stone
Sean Squire: Maurice
Shannyn Sossamon: Kira Klay
Shaun Robinson: Herself
Stewart Skelton: Hart Hesselgrave
Tara Summers: Abby
Timothy Bottoms: Gibson Horne
Tony Potts: Himself
Traber Burns: Reginald
Vincent Gallo: Sammy
Wayne Brady: Anthony

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